The Saint Symphonic Streets

Where are we now ?

Monday, March 13, 2006


I feel I
Can reach you
Or Almost
To Reach through

Just turn off
the noise and
Stay here
beside me.

Oh Stay here for a moment
and wash away the pain
make the tears and rain drops
A long gone sad Refrain

Lay here just a moment
I'm pleading please remain


I'm still in Love
but your not here to make me smile
and your not here to make it worth while
to make it the time of our lives.

When did we decline
Just tell me babe where I went wrong

The silence made small things so long

But Baby your still here inside ...

tata ta ta ta

I wish I
could feel you
in one breathe
beneath you.

Just take off
your clothes
and stay here
besides me.


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