The Saint Symphonic Streets

Where are we now ?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Tried !

I tried imagining
what it was like

not to love you

I held my breathe

As long as I could

All the time thinking

if air is love
and the wind blows hard

I can stand still long enough
But I just couldn't

Then someone told me

Love is a fire

so I turned off the light
and stood in the dark

closed my eyes
Thinking hard about
how cold it felt

only to bump my toe
and get angry at furniture

Than I heard love is a word
So I tried not to speak

And in the silent depths of perception
I was at loss for words

Until you asked me if I still loved you
and I said yes

Others say Love is a touch

So I stayed as far away from you
as I could
but then got stuck in the bus
and everyone was touching me

Of course love is obviously a smile

So not a grin escaped from me

until a child told me to take it in my hands
and smiled

what else could I do

So If without love

I can't breathe,
I can't see
I can't speak,
I can't touch
I can't smile

How can I even live without you ?


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