The Saint Symphonic Streets

Where are we now ?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

When we ...

You can never forget the grayish taint
of this pavement
nor the Sidewalks that harbored your
Somehow the greens looked livelier
and the sun was another star

Nothing as mundane
as what illuminates them now

Of course back then
I was a child

The Living room TV sets
now entertain the lawn
waiting for the garbage truck
as we waited for the Yellow
School buses

And the Aquamarine
Drops of Candy
Dissapeared from our sight
into the mouth
of girls
we still think about

Where the Barnyard
once Stood
Collapsed bricks
create an intricate mosaic
of chaos

Where once our lives unraveled
I see only Gravel
Where small flowers
broke through


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