The Saint Symphonic Streets

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Les Fenetres de Bonnes Augures

Photo courtesy Manileno's Eye : Alan

Les Fenêtres de Bonnes Augures

Une Pluie Fine
Un Regard Ombreux

Une Vitrine
Sur un ciel nuageux

De Fines goutelletes
Parsemment d’humidité

Les Rebords
D’une fenêtre

Au bois cicatrisé

Un souffle de buée
Commence a colorer

Mes pensées perdues
D’une matinée d’Avril

Ou Il n’y a aucun doute

Le Printemps s’annonce
Sous de bonnes augures

Une Maison Abandonnée

Jonchée de Secrets
Elle adorne un coin de rue

Orpheline délaissée
Elle raconte son histoire

Les Meubles couverts
D’une toile de souvenirs
Les Romans posés au hasard
Le teint doré d’antan

Les rideaux de soie
Enveloppent les Fenêtres
En vain repoussant
Le soleil intru.

Une Rampe de Bronze
Escaliers de Marbre
S’envolent vers un plafond
Peint couleur ciel

Une chaise renversée
Un balai de paille

Une fourche de cheminée
sculptée en émaille

Sur un plancher de bois
Moisi à certains endroits
D’un vert couleur de pois

Rien de Particulier
Rien d'enlevant
Un souffle Discret
Un doux crépitement

Elle se fait oublier
Donnant signe de vie
Seulement lorsque le vent

Noble seul occupant
Fouette ses rideaux blancs
Traverse ses couloirs
Matin, Midi et Soir

Jusqu'à la nuit noire
Ou il siffle pour effrayer
Voleurs et gringalets
Qui essayeront de la violer

Mais Tout Doucement
Au fil des saisons,
les vignes
Jonchant ses murs feuilletés.

Œuvrent à la dissimuler
Sans bruit, ni outil

Jusqu’au jour ou
La Grille
D’un domaine caché
Ne sera rien d’autre
Qu’une muraille rouillée.

Protégeant à jamais
Une Maison Abandonnée

Thursday, March 30, 2006

All around / And nowhere to be found


Loving eyes
and TV Size

Ironed Shirts
Domestic Dirt
Racing Cars
and Falling Stars

Evil Stares
Cause No one cares
Reaching far
And all you are

Loving smiles
on Kitchen Tiles

Regressive fits
and Music Hits
Drug Addiciton
Racial Friction


Hate, Religion
Fate Distinction

Drug Awareness
Fleeting kisses

Hoping that
They'd one day

Hoping that
you'll reach
and hold my hand

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Écrie et Crie


dans un trou noir
au bord de notre perception
La ou les paroles ne vont plus

J'ai trouvé une phrase
en si peu de mots

Un énoncé, si discret
sans instructions visibles

D'une joie presque censurée

Et pourtant si clair
sans rien prononcer

Je l'ai trouvée enfouie
sous tristesses et poussières

Dans un moment indélébile

La ou l'eau de mer
N'a fait aucune vague

Cette phrase
c'est un sourire
Qui me l'a dévoilée !

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Empty Chairs

Stranded in cognition
and never ending

The Empty chair
of people

Of Hellos and Goodbyes
And never wonders why

Of Farewell Kisses
and Tuna Sandwiches

Forgotten Luggage
Chipped airport Carriage

The Noise of Crowds

In our lives

The Empty Chairs
Is All we leave behind

Your Mascara's Running

A Charcoal Tear
Races down your cheek

Traces Wavy lines
Sad and so divine

A Grainy Texture
assaults my fingers

colors the tip with
warmth and moisture

It rains down your neck
and colors your skin
stains your hair
and clothing within.

The Great Eye in Disguise

I Wake up so late
But theres no place to go

I faded slowly out of sight
in pavement streets and blinding lights

Reclusive sorrow
pagan throes

Blacked out windows
ripped up clothes

The justifying madness streaks
The Pinkish Skies adorned so bleak

An aformentioned morning crawl
Defies my gravitational pullI want to try

I want to say
Why won't my lips or tongue obey

Through all the affairs that happened
thenSome say it wasn't there or when

They left me standing
looking forA destination

For all the things we knew
About you

Follow her through the stars

New York's getting colder
With soft september winds.

It's time to hold her
It's time to let her know

It's time to hold her
it's time to let her

Abandon all your dreams
follow her to the stars
and everything in Between

no matter, near or far
Follow her to the stars

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Her Portrait

Green stones
adorned with eyes

the softest skin
my hands have ever

a neck where lips
rest deep
and deposit
a kiss

hair like an undiscovered
waterfall at night
trickling down her shoulders

a smile so pure
a fire ablaze

on her porcelaine skin.

Monday, March 20, 2006


By Bayo

Photo by Miss Gayle 319
The City's amber glow

Iris's suburban trove

Where Small flowers grow
With thyme


don't move
you might scare it

Between the trees
and pastel moonlight

There, it's shadow
testured twilight

can you move ?
Can you see it ?
cause all I can do is breathe.



Avant je revai a quoi ?

Avant de rever a toi

J'en revai surement


Avant de te desirer
Avant meme de te regarder

J'en ai surement révé


Avant que l'on s'enlasse
Avant meme que je t'embrasse

J'y ai surement pensé
Avant de m'decider.


Avant que je t'emenne
avant meme qu'on se reprenne
sous le vent


Avant de se quitter
Quand les larmes ont bien coulées

Meme avant
Qu'on se connait
je t'ai


je t'ai toujours aimé

Will you whistle to the Widows ?

I think she loved her
or the sound around it

The desperate pleas
The vague conundrum

I asked
a second second

to watch them swing
so far demented
I heard them singing

I heard a whistle

She ran away
far from here
In abandoned streets

I hear myself wondering
Why I envy her so much

Maybe Because I know
I could never have her
and neither could you

she's impervious to us

But I love her so

Throw Caution to the Wynd

Every thought is silent
My notions are gone

My soul almost defeating
My back against the door

I run through the streets
hoping the wind, the whispers
never find me

I don't know what I am looking for

But no one will never know
Who I am

no one will ever find me

not even death

Only you

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Fritz Kiss

She wakes me away
in the somber spaces

lining the sky
with timber laces

Look upand look ahead
she shakes away

the languished sways
Try to find the pretty
facesthat mark the walls
and leave no traces

My dreams collided
into something I
could hold on to.

What hides behind a whisper
Lonely lips await to kiss her

I found a reason for staying strong
But I know I'll be waiting long

If I just hold my tongueand carry on

I am a Frayed


A foggy haze of
Candy Dreams

Wallpaper scraped off
like peeling skin

Broken records
Dirty laundry

Spread out like seed
in an impossible endeavour

Growing no crops
Attracting no pigeons

Makes you go to extremes
while you live in seams

Friday, March 17, 2006

Do you Believe in Scraptures ?

The day God died in Sarajevo

It took so long to write
It took so much to do
Whats gotten into us.

Is it faith that you miss
does it rattles you inside
As much as we confide
you need that summer's Bliss

that day
We saw him standing there
his beard and long dark hair
caught in the crossfire

That Day
We saw him standing still
closing in for the kill
In Sarajevo.

So what did you expect
It's just a game they play
treading for their life
in rubble ridden strife.
With hope and fear
they pray

And when do we escape
to start a better life
with children and a garden
and a house.

Someday or

that day
We saw him standing there
his beard and long dark hair
caught in the crossfire

That Day
We saw him standing still
closing in for the kill
In Sarajevo.

Do I Believe in Rapture ?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

She's Running in the Rain

She’s Running in the Rain

Turn around
And try to see her
Through raindrop blurs
No signs of closure

Her Footprints fade
The sand’s erased her
The Fog made sure
Your sight would falter

She's Running in the Rain

Phasing from the pain
Why is it so, in vain

She's running in the rain

She cries until
It’s just a whimper
Screams your name
In love and anger

The seas themselves
Reach out to claim her

In Golden waves.
And Foamy mirrors

You scream her name

She's Running in the Rain
She's Running in the Rain

Those were better days

You appeared

from the corner of my smile
Years and tears
And just a million miles

Those were better days

funny how life will always fly away

time strays, floats and sways
those souvenirs will always stay

They were better times

and all the things we left behind.

The Wind and sky
so warm and kind
good enough to lose your mind.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This Girl Has Flown

This Girl Has Flown.

Looks away, try to tune out
The empty sway of livid moonlight

Trapped inside the dark reprisals
The Sinful scripts corrupted write offs

Packed away in little boxes
Her very pain, defines what life is

She sways me in the wind

Swept off on her own

Tries to hold it in

This girl has flown
This girl has flown

I run in vain, I try to catch her

She disappeared, and turned the lights off

I wonder if I’ll ever find her.

I wonder if ?

This girl has flown

This Girl has


Towed Aurora

ToWed Aurora

A Suburb Vanishes
Into Cold Midnight dew

Absorbed by the grass
awaiting a cue

But just Far enough
a Speck of light

Seed of Dawn
About to Ignite

The pierced air sighs
Lets me disappear in time.

A Towed Aurora
Just lies between

Tern City Lights
Diamond Citrines

Monday, March 13, 2006


I feel I
Can reach you
Or Almost
To Reach through

Just turn off
the noise and
Stay here
beside me.

Oh Stay here for a moment
and wash away the pain
make the tears and rain drops
A long gone sad Refrain

Lay here just a moment
I'm pleading please remain


I'm still in Love
but your not here to make me smile
and your not here to make it worth while
to make it the time of our lives.

When did we decline
Just tell me babe where I went wrong

The silence made small things so long

But Baby your still here inside ...

tata ta ta ta

I wish I
could feel you
in one breathe
beneath you.

Just take off
your clothes
and stay here
besides me.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

1962 Fender Jazzmaster

By Bayo :

Techniques used similar to XIII
Made with a process called posterization
which enhances the edges of the guitar
giving it a more cartoony look without losing
any detail, you also have a level of Black and white
conversion and grayscale adjustment - not as easy as you think,
take my word for it !!!
The Fender Jazzmaster upon it's introduction in the 50's was supposed to take
over Fender's Flagship position from the Stratocaster. With a New Balanced
Body and more cooperative bridge, Fender's intention was to reach a
more broad spectrum of musicians that aimed for a more Jazzy tone ( Less Twang ).
unfortunately the guitar's odd appearance and Bridge Reliability, caused an early
cop out from the musician's that where originally intended to adopt the guitar.
Destiny would have it that no '' Jazz Master's '' would ever use a Jazzmaster sticking to P-90 or Gibson PAF oriented instruments, also to Leo's amazement nothing he'd come up with in the following years would dephase the Stratocaster.
The Jazzmaster was kept on and off the line, untill it slowly faded out of the main stream.
Bring in the late 70's and early 80's with punk bands battling with sub standard CBS quality Strats, and expensive 60's Model Strats, the early 60's Jazzmaster and Jaguar models where an easy fit. The Jazzmaster was quite clearly built by Leo to be a superior guitar to the Strat and the sub standard guitar method employed by a quantity of Punk Artists often gave them the tone they looked for sparing them the constant fiddling a Stratocaster required.
Bands Like Sonic Youth found in the instrument an easy companion to experimental projects, finding in it a smooth neck that Fender priviliged in the 60's and a slew of switches and gimmicks that gave a uniqueness to their sound.
Eventually the Jazzmaster was consdered by Fender to be a '' Specialty '' instrument as it was quite clear that it's original intent as a '' Jazz guitar '' would never be achieved, Nevertheless demand has never really tapered for the instrument and is more or less constant.
Pros : Excellent rythm guitar with great versatility
Cons : Clumsy arrangment for some of the switches, bridge reliability, no real artist endorsement

Sonic Youth Pics ! Art by Bayo

Here you go it's called Psychic Hearts !!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just White

More art, think I'm gonna use this as a lyric !

Life ( tonight ) - Lyrics

For Life -

Just try to fake it
And Never take it
It oughta keep
a smile on your face

The Light has faded
it's overrated

Down in Darkness
Drowned in Disgrace

For Life

She Looks ahead now
Just go ahead now
Try to find
TheLight in her eyes

She's Contemplative

Hides away her smile
in The sky


Oren Weizman 2006 - Recorded in 20 Mins !!!
So here is the logo so far, I've got 2 of them ! one with T3s written in white and the other in black
I think this will be it ! other Artwork oming along !!!as well as some Demo's

THine OwN LeOpaRd

Well this is my first Blog pertaining to my artistic projects
The Saint symphonic Streets, is yes... a band a project, anything I can fathom it to be, why the name, well a combination of things ... most of them too personal to say, but I'll keep you guys posted on MP3's, projects, pictures etc... ! and of course a combination of what I'm trying to do to establish an ID in all of this.